What We Do

We Help Employers.

We work collaboratively with employers to prevent, address and defend workplace issues, including those relating to wrongful dismissal litigation, discrimination allegations, human rights complaints, disability grievances and a host of issues faced in the modern workplace.

We Help Employees.

From the time of hiring to firing, and for all the moments in between and thereafter, we assist employees with understanding and invoking their legal entitlements.

We Have Experience.

Over the years, we have provided legal advice and representation to a diverse client base, from large international employers with Canadian subsidiaries to Canadian employers with employees abroad to start-ups hiring their first employee. We have supported employers facing complex workplace issues. We have also advised many senior executives and other employees involved in negotiating employment contracts, reviewing severance packages or handling allegations of workplace misconduct.


  • Advising multi-national and multi-jurisdictional employers including regarding compliance obligations and minimum standards and transferring employees
  • Attendance and disability management including workplace accommodation, leaves of absence and discipline
  • Collective bargaining, grievance arbitration and labour relations
  • Corporate restructuring, change management and asset and share transactions
  • Discipline and performance management
  • Employment contracts including drafting and negotiation of key terms such as non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions; bonus, equity and other compensation arrangements; and termination provisions
  • Employment litigation including wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, injunctive proceedings and contractual breaches
  • Employee relations
  • Human rights applications
  • Legislative compliance including Employment Standards, Human Rights, Workplace Safety and Accessibility legislation
  • Policy development and implementation including workplace violence and harassment, health and safety, sick leave and other common policies
  • Termination and layoff strategy including individual and group terminations and layoffs
  • In addition to our traditional legal services, we provide in-person and online tutorials and seminars about key employment law issues.