Canada’s Newest Employment Law Firm Delivers Unparalleled Counsel and Service

Toronto, Ontario /CNW/: Prominent Canadian lawyers Patrizia Piccolo and Jennifer Heath have come together as Piccolo Heath LLP, Canada’s newest employment law firm. With more than 30 years combined expertise, the firm was founded with the purpose of delivering outstanding legal counsel and dynamic, client-focused service.

“We are very excited about our new venture. We we saw a need in the marketplace for a firm that focuses on providing premier service while building sustainable client relationships and we knew we could deliver,” says partner Patrizia Piccolo. “We are strategic partners in our clients’ growth and prosperity. It’s our belief that our relationships with clients are equally as important as the counsel we provide.”

Piccolo Heath LLP is focused on guiding clients through the legal landscape to determine the best solutions to their unique issues. The firm is well-versed in current employment-related case law and statutes, but is also highly sensitive to the practical impact of the law on both employers and employees. “The essence of practicing employment law is helping people to avoid conflict wherever possible and, when conflict is unavoidable, to resolve those issues quickly,” says partner Jennifer Heath. “Our focus is on providing detailed strategy and execution so that our clients can focus on their business imperatives.”

The firm has deep experience representing a range of small to large-sized employers and multinational organizations across a number of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, energy and technology. “We know that workplace issues can be stressful, but we have the expertise and the knowledge to eliminate that stress,” says Piccolo.

Key Services   

  • Termination and layoff strategy, including individual and group terminations and layoffs
  • Employment agreement drafting and review
  • Employment litigation including wrongful dismissal, injunctive proceedings and contractual breaches
  • Attendance and disability management, including workplace and human rights accommodation and leaves of absence
  • Corporate restructuring and change management
  • Compliance and legislative obligations
  • Discipline and performance management
  • Policy review and development

In addition to traditional legal counsel, Patrizia and Jennifer offer also provide in-person and online tutorials and seminars about key employment law issues.

About Piccolo Heath LLP

Combining more than 30 years of employment law expertise, the firm delivers exceptional client service with unparalleled counsel. Piccolo Heath LLP operates in both Downtown Toronto and Mississauga.

“I enjoy earning and retaining clients’ trust. I strive to provide solutions to workplace issues that make legal sense and provide clients with the assurance that I’m always looking after their best interests.”
Patrizia Piccolo, B.A., LL.B., Partner

I love the challenge of being an employment lawyer. I derive great satisfaction from helping clients navigate through difficult employment issues and, at the end of the day, improve their workplaces.”
Jennifer Heath, B.Sc., LL.B., Partner